Private Instruction Testimonials

"I was so impressed by Sam's unique, humane and highly effective, no gimmick training method that in my capacity as Shelter Manager of the Toronto Humane Society (one of the largest in North America, 20,000 animals per year.) I approached Sam to develop a training and socialization program for difficult to manage dogs.  Sam did not hesitate to donate his time and expertise.

Sam took numerous highly aggressive dogs to his facility. After just a few weeks these dogs were returned to the Society and successfully placed in loving homes. Sam also trained and found suitable homes for several dogs that were deemed too aggressive or difficult to manage for the regular adoption program.

In conclusion I would not hesitate to recommend Sam Malatesta."

Diane Roden
Shelter Manager, Toronto Humane Society
Toronto, Canada

"Appreciated so much meeting Sam at the Royal Winter Fair and being able to talk to him regarding our 18 month old German shepherd.  After purchasing and watching his "Puppy for Life" video we've already tried to apply some of the instructions and lo and behold.... I think it's working.... thanks so much Sam!"

Peter & Wilma

"Prior to attending Mr. Malatesta's training class, I had read many books on training, but I was just not able to get Odin past our sticking point.  Mr. Malatesta is an outstanding dog/human trainer, because not only does he train the dog but he also educates the dog’s owner.  His people skills are as great as his animal handling skills. I wish I had met Mr. Malatesta long ago."

Joseph Tanczos
York Regional Police Officer
Newmarket, Canada

"I learned more in 10 days (from Sam) than the previous 10 years of reading and training. Many of the things I had learned from books were the exact opposite of what I should have been doing."

Valencia, PA

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Training Camp Testimonials

"Sam Malatesta is a true gift to rescuers who realize the importance of preparing a dog for a successful adoption. Within a few short minutes, he can read the dog, understand what makes the dog tick, and give you insight into how to handle the dog to harness its spirit and give it a reason to want to trust humans again. He really understands the dog, what they need and how to best support them in overcoming prior experiences that may have been damaging.  If you listen to Sam and follow his methods, you will be able to make an incredibly positive difference in the lives of the rescued animals in our midst.  Sam supports us, applauds us and inspires us.  He teaches us how to become the fair, yet firm and consistent master that the dog longs for; and, in turn, we can help the dog live a life of confident independence with a loving master at their side. I am forever grateful to Sam for stepping into my life."

Kate Zink
ROSA's Animal Rescue
Camp Springs, Kentucky

"Regarding the Sam Malatesta dog training camp, I have to admit I was very skeptical of it being worth my time, actually dreading the time investment in something I thought was goofy. To compound my reluctance, dog training has always been a female activity in my mind, being equivalent to a Tupperware party. Much to my surprise, it was nothing like I expected!

I enjoy the “problem/fix” formula in life – if there’s a problem, just fix it. This camp taught me about cause and effect of human behavior and how it is interpreted by the most black and white judges on earth, our family dogs. Dogs always frustrated me because they would never react in the way that I wanted. Sam Malatesta was able to reveal every nuance in my behavior and the resulting effect on my dog. I never knew that I was the direct cause of my dog’s neurotic behavior!

The examples, conversation and insightful experiences made the weekend training an event that I actually looked forward to attending. Working with my dog under Sam’s guidance as well as witnessing the other camp attendees was a fascinating interaction. It’s really difficult to describe in words, so just trust me on this.

I’m now able to get the desired behavior out of my dog, without prong collars, yelling, pushing, commands or any other bullying control technique I thought was necessary in the past. Much of the time I don’t even have to say a word. My dog and I finally understand each other!"

Louisville, Kentucky

"Hi Sam. I am so glad I took Smudge through your training. We've learned a lot and have come a long way. I wanted to share something that happened last night.  I have been letting Smudge go off leash with me when I make short runs to the grocery store.  We live on a pretty busy little residential street, so doing this is a big step for me. Last night I had this little feeling in my gut just before I opened the front door, "What if there is a dog outside?" I peeked out, didn't see anything and said "Let's GO." Smudge came to the door, we went out on the porch, and I heard it. In the bushes beside the house, a rustle. BAM! He was gone.

Now, they say your life flashes before your eyes in a moment of possible death, and that is what happened in the split second before I gave the LEAVE IT command. I thought of a year ago when my dog did not listen to me EVER.....I saw me turning and looking at him during the testing in your class because I did not trust him and I remembered you telling me "If you would have NOT turned around, your dog would still be in a DOWN, you HAVE to learn to trust him!" A year ago, I would have freaked out and screamed at the top of my lungs panicking and chasing him. I thought "how much will I miss him if he runs off and never comes back, I'll miss him a lot." All that went thru my mind in a split second. I ran to the side of the house and yelled "SMUDGE, LEAVE IT!" He looked at me for a quick second, sniffed around a second more, looked at me again and I said "GET IN THE CAR!" and that dog STOPPED THE CHASE and RAN TO THE CAR.  This would NOT have happened a year ago. NOT at all.  My dog is starting to experience small amounts of freedom. Small ones. But he is at least not chained to my wrist 24/7. Things are also MUCH better between him and my little girl. I no longer worry that he will bite her. I had gotten to the point where I was very worried that he would eventually get her.  

So again, I think of you and how you have helped so many people and dogs. And I say thank you again for what you do. Because of your teaching, my dog is getting some of the freedom you talked about. And when he can go off lead and experience life as it was meant for him, it gives me great joy to watch.

Thanks Sam."

Owner of Smudge
LaPorte, Indiana

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Seminar Testimonials

"Hi Sam! We just wanted to thank you (and Ettra, Trinka and Dice!) for coming to Columbus and sharing your insight about dogs as well as about the behavior of the human male! Ha!

We learned that there's a lot we need to learn--on both counts!! Thank you for revealing to us the dog's perspective. How could we not have thought of this on our own? So basic, so fundamental, so necessary!!!! It's like being blind your whole life and then finding out all you had to do was open your eyes!!!!!!!

We came to your seminar desperate to find something we could use to get our pack of 6 stabilized. Although we had already implemented some of your suggestions (crating, not allowed on bed or furniture, etc.) there have continued to be altercations within the pack itself. We admit we have been lazy and expecting the dogs to work it out on their own. We've also not been diligent about walking them everyday and creating a life that is fulfilling for them. We talk about it, but we don't execute it.

Not any more! We're excited about the hope and the promise that your training techniques provide for our dogs to live a life of freedom. We can't wait to get started making their lives happier and more fulfilling.

We've expressed our interest to Kathy to be part of the 10-month course either in Cincinnati or Columbus.

Thanks again."

Pam & Todd
Columbus Dog Connection
Columbus, Ohio

"Hi Sam, I don't know if you remember us from one of the first Midwest BT Rescue seminars you did, in the cold airplane building (and my tiny BT was barking his rotten head off in the back).

I wanted to say THANK YOU for encouraging my husband Joe and I in taking a fearful Husky named "Skye" in and working with her, when no one else would. A mixed breed rescue had had her for 5 yrs outside in a kennel, called her "feral" and just drugged her to take to vet, etc. We took her in, was immediately off the la la drugs, and with tips from your weekend seminar we gradually worked her into the house and over her fears of people. She was adopted 11 months later to a very experienced Siberian Husky home that adopted from me before and now 2 years later, wow has she flourished! They even got another female Husky that has actually really helped Skye. She has helped Skye see that being petted by people is wonderful and has really shown her how to be a happy dog. I thought we'd never be able to place Skye, she was so fearful. But when we told you she showed now sign of fear biting when we evaluated her at the previous rescue, you encouraged us to save her.

Thank you for your help. She's come a long way and is so loved in her home. Again, thank you Sam! I highly recommend your seminars!"

Sheila Wolf
Webmaster & Secretary, Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue
Michigan, USA

"“I am writing this letter as the owner of Dog Star Ranch, a 48 acre K-9 care facility that offers boarding, grooming, training and daycare. I am always looking for ways to better serve and inform our customers. I recently attended a seminar put on by Sam Malatesta on dog training and rescue work. I have long been a fan of our K-9 companions and have tried in my own way to understand and communicate with them.

Sam shed a new light on some things I had long wondered about, ways to tap into the unlimited potential of dogs. We have all known them to be faithful companions who ask for little in their undying love for us, but how many of us thought we were doing harm in a way by not attempting to speak their language and only communicating indecision in our expectations of them? Sam Malatesta has literally spent his life learning how to unlock the secrets of the K-9 mind from the pup to the senior in ways that apply to the dog and his results are amazing. I had the pleasure of meeting his 9 year German Shepherd named Ettra who had been trained by Sam using everything he had discovered in his years of research. There is an old saying that the proof is in the pudding and I’m here to tell you Sam Malatesta knows his pudding!

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Sam and I leave you with this bit of advice, if you get the opportunity to attend a seminar or one of his camps or can get your hands on his dvd I suggest you do so and you too can begin to better understand what your dog thinks and feels.”"

Patrick D. Yarnold
Owner, Dog Star Ranch
Muskegon, Michigan

"Sam Malatesta’s dog training seminar is marvelous, awesome, a true eye-opening and learning experience. My daughter, my Afghan hound, Golden Retriever, and myself touched upon a new way of life.

Our fun-loving, full-of-life, 3-yr-old Golden Retriever, Billie, was always a ray of sunshine in our lives. She just loved life, but needed some guidance and rules, so we enrolled her in doggie obedience school. About the 3rd or 4th class, she was not making the progress the trainer thought she should be making, so he suggested a prong collar. After 2 times around the ring, Billie’s head dropped to the floor and her tail went between her legs. Her spirit and love for life was broken. She stayed this way.

About 2 1⁄2 weeks later, Billie met Sam. No more prong collar, no more choke collar, just a regular collar with a loose leash! We’re working towards lunge line and no leash. Our Billie is coming back. Thank you Sam!”"

Academy Row Afghans
Saint Anthony, Indiana

"I have attended and completed six obedience classes over the past 30 years with six different family dogs.  I have viewed hours of celebrity dog gurus, and purchased several DVD's on "connecting with my dogs".  I was trained really well, but my dogs...well.... I always made excuses for. But last weekend I drove a total of five hours in two days and participated in fifteen hours of a dog training seminar presented by Sam Malatesta.

My 6-year-old black and tan German Shepherd accompanied me to the seminar and was permitted to stay with me during the process.  Sam was able to watch us with our dogs in numerous situations, and engaged us in many working examples of the behavior he was discussing.  I learned more in that short time, than a lifetime of "obedience" classes, and in just a few days, our home is actually under our control! Sam's 25 years working with dogs and his dedication to identifying answers to the crisis in our society today with our beloved pets who have turned on our children or been abandoned by style-seeking owners has developed a serious, hands-on opportunity to anyone who cares for our canine friends. In the seminar I worked with dog rescue staffers, dog foster families, and other pet owners who just needed some direction.

Sam's program was less money per hour than any "sprawl pet boxstore" or private obedience program. In that short period Sam's program gave me the tools to give my dogs back their dignity and spirit, which has already produced proud, calm, and obedient family pets!  In one week!  I can't wait to see what we can accomplish in a month!  Now we can welcome our first grandchild next spring with a secure feeling that our pets will be in a position of confidence and gentleness as we continue to work with our dogs in our home. I cannot wait for Sam's DVD to arrive in the mail so my other family members can begin with their dogs.  Thank you, Sam!  I wish anyone getting a new dog would have to complete his program before taking them home!!!"

Seymour, Indiana

"Once in a while, you meet a special person who makes a significant difference in the way you think about life.  You come away from the encounter not just learning something from this person, but consider yourself that much wiser from the experience.  That was the substance of our weekend with Sam Malatesta.  Sam's not just an extraordinary trainer and canine behaviorist, he's a person with a heart who truly cares for all dogs and helping us humans provide them with the environment they need to flourish and be happy."

Anne & Arthur
Louisville, Kentucky

"I was at my wit’s end trying to better understand and train my Doberman (who was also my very first dog.) With the instruction from previous professional trainers (CPDT’s), I had pronged, choked, clickered, and “gently led” my dog (with direct supervision) and achieved little results. Sam teaches that it’s not the tools you use, it’s who you are to your dog. If you’re not worth being followed in the dog’s eyes, a dog will not comply with a command even when it knows the meaning of the word “sit”, “stay”, “heel”, or “down.” This was the root of my problems.

When Sam came to Cincinnati in 2004 I was compelled to check it out (hosted by ROSA’S animal rescue, it was for a good cause!) During the weekend seminar, every dog he handled - and every owner he worked with - went from a neurotic mess to calm and reserved. His techniques were easy to learn…after just one seminar I was able to go over to a family member’s house a month later and had their extremely skittish, “she-won’t-let-anyone-touch-her” dog in my lap to everyone’s total amazement. People at the party kept asking, “seriously, what did you do to that dog? I’ve never seen her like anyone but her mom!” I couldn’t help but be amazed myself, and all I could say was “I went to a dog training seminar given by this Canadian dog trainer named Sam Malatesta….”

Since my head was still spinning from my newfound enlightenment, there was no way I could explain it in one evening, they would have to attend the seminar themselves.I try to tell everyone planning to attend Sam’s seminars “be prepared to be blown away.” After the seminar weekend packed full of demonstrations and note-taking, I always get emails from people the following week saying “ head hasn’t stopped spinning.” Here it is two years later and I just attended my 3rd seminar in Louisville, KY. Every seminar is different because the people and dogs come from various breeds and situations. If you’re thinking about attending, whether you have a dog or not, it’s a chance of a lifetime. Go for it, I promise, you won’t regret a single minute or penny!”"

Louisville, Kentucky

"Sam's seminar this past weekend was so very successful and I wanted to give you an update.  I've had at least 30 e-mails and phone calls about when Sam will be back.  A brief overview of comments I received have been:

"Why has this method of training never been taught before?"

"I've spend hundreds of dollars on other seminars.  I've never learned so much before in my many years of training."

"Now, I finally know how to properly handle my dog.  I need to be the Alpha.  I've been to many seminars and nobody ever brought up the Alpha/pack relationship.  What Sam teaches not only makes sense, but is working for me."

"I've never been to one of these seminars before.  Frankly, I was worried about coming.  My rescue dog is my angel.  I did not want to subject her to anything unpleasant.  Sam's guidance was extremely helpful.  Given what I've now learned through him, she's already becoming less fearful.  I'm learning though her, thanks to Sam."

Sam's seminars were very well attended. Our second seminar was much more successful than the first one. It was incredible that we had three times the amount of people, and lots of them were coming in from out of state. Word travels and the word is that Sam Malatesta is the ultimate when it comes to training dogs and training people to train their dogs. The Medina County SPCA is so appreciative of all you've done for us -- just in two seminars!  The foster parents needed to be trained in order to know how to train our foster pups/dogs.  Not only have we made over $1,400 due to your expertise in training, we've adopted out almost all of our dogs to forever loving homes.  I was extremely impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and results.  He turned negative behavioral traits around in a matter of 10 minutes.  Sam actually had my horse and Siberian husky "heeling" at the same time.

Everyone who came to the seminar is ready to either re-attend and/or bring many more people with him or her.  Thanks to Sam's guidance, I truly feel we are reaching the point where we'll be able to save many more lives.

Many thanks for all of your help."

Amber Williams
President, Medina Country SPCA
Seville, Ohio

"I went to Sam's weekend class for the Medina, Ohio SPCA.  WOW!  Everybody talks about being alpha dog, but never what that really means to the dog.  Sam has gotten into the head of dogs and shows us how to be great Alphas to our pack.  Thanks Sam, I look forward to your next visit!!!"

Jim Wright

If you love your dog, and would like to share a most enjoyable few hours learning to be a better caregiver and companion, then a weekend seminar with Sam Malatesta will ‘fill the bill'. I attended part of both days of the last seminar conducted by this trainer from Canada, and was genuinely impressed with his intimate attitude and behavior with individual dogs.

I am NOT impressed with control freaks, but I AM impressed with individually conducted strength of direction without question by a trainer who genuinely respects dogs. He demonstrates a real understanding of how the dogs have, in many cases, been given rough and hard experiences,  and is not embarrassed to turn  around and  "ask for a kiss" from his dog student.

I witnessed, within less than a five minute period, the actual transformation of a young dog displaying a personality of scattered mashed potatoes with his person, to an obedient, respectful, working-to-please honor student with Sam. Then he shared the ability so that the dog and his person were able to work together similarly.
Sam Malatesta turns aggression into a thing of the past.  Uncontrollable antics become naturally spontaneous and focused attentiveness. Fear turns into affection."

Gayle M. Webber
All Creatures Sanctuary

"As with most new ideas, I was a little skeptical of spending a weekend with a man I had never heard of.  But, I was at wit's end trying to deal with the behavior of a sweet little schnauzer named Maggie Moo.  Maggie came to our rescue as an owner surrender.  She was barely 2 years old and was afraid of everything.  We placed her in a quiet home with an older woman that was familiar with schnauzers.  Maggie was with her barely two weeks and had bitten her four times; the last time required a trip to the emergency room and stitches.  Maggie was returned to us.  Thankfully with no legal repercussions.

I picked her up from the lady and apologized and brought her home.  My granddaughter was visiting at the time and I cautioned her to be very careful around her until we figured out whether she would have to be put down.  Well, that just didn't happen.  Maggie Moo was so excited and kissy face with my granddaughter it made me realize she was not a candidate for the "pink shot."

Needless to say, I had to promise my granddaughter that nothing would happen to Maggie and she would stay at my house forever.  Like I needed another dog.  She now made number 5.  As time went on, Maggie's little traits started showing.  When you would ask her to do something that was not her idea, her eyes would turn emerald green and she would charge you like she was going to eat you alive. Just like a bipolar person. This continued and of course, chicken as I am, I would back off and not expect anything from her.  No one likes to be bitten, including me.

Baths and haircuts were out of the question.  She ran around like a homeless orphan.  I did resort to taking her to the vet to be sedated for the haircut and bath.  The first shot did not work; it just made her a "mean drunk."  The second shot put her completely under and stiff as a board. The 45-minute work time did not allow for anything cutesy.  Then, along came SAM.

When I first received Lauren's email about Sam, I was so excited.  Maybe now, someone could help me figure out a way to mold Maggie into a loving, trusting little dog.  There was hope and here it was Sam Malatesta.  I had never heard of him, but oh, well nothing, or no one else had seemed to help.  I would give it a try.

On the first day of class, Maggie in all her pent up glory was the quietest one in class.  I thought she was doing very well just sitting on the chair beside me, wanting my hand on her reassuring her everything was going to be all right.  Wrong.  Sam insisted she be on the FLOOR.  A shock to her little system.  Needless to say, on the floor she went.  She wasn't very pleased and continued to want my full attention.  After following Sam's advice, she did settle down and remain where she was supposed to be.  ON THE FLOOR.  First day, a major success.

Second day did not start well. Maggie bit me first thing. Not a good sign.  We arrived at class and resumed our instruction.  Maggie on the floor, no begging.  As the day progressed, we learned different techniques to use in dealing with different dog behaviors. Maggie still on the floor.  We participated in activities with other dogs.  Maggie still on the floor.  We watched others practice intervention methods.  Maggie still on the floor.  We walked among other dogs.  We talked with other participants. We ate lunch.  Maggie still on the floor.  We listened to Sam instruct us and others on methods and watched demonstrations.  Maggie was now under my chair asleep.  What a wonderful and amazing realization.  Maggie is trainable and will, after much re-teaching, become a loving, trusting companion.  And, we didn't get "kicked out of class."

Thank you, Sam."

Marilyn Lewellyn
President, Schnauzer Rescue Co-Op

"Sam Malatesta’s seminar was the first course I’ve seen to give practical advice and recommendations addressing the special needs of a foster home situation.  This seminar augmented what we already knew about teaching dogs to “sit” and “down,” and provided insights into working with the dogs’ natural drives to establish a strong bond and leadership.  In addition, the information on how to introduce a new dog into a household is invaluable – not only for foster homes, but for anyone considering bringing a new dog into their home."

Susan Fishbein
Regional Coordinator, Heartland Region, Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue

"Our own, Joanne Chanyi, introduced me to Sam Malatesta's training method and video. I was interested and signed up for his seminar in Lansing the first weekend of March. What I noticed first was Sam Malatesta standing in a doorway on the other side of the seminar room. I'd never met him before, but the beautiful German Shepherd Dog “off leash” giving him rapt attention was my first clue that he was our instructor.

The second thing I noticed was that his dog, Ettra, remained off leash for the entire lecture. She moved with him as he paced and spoke, and she either sat or laid down when he stopped to write on the whiteboard. He demonstrated leadership first-hand through her focus.

The third observation happened by accident. Beth Dumans, a Dog Scout instructor and more notably a well-known wolf expert, was there with her female mix, Anya, and we were sitting together. Beth noticed, as did Sam, that Ettra was thirsty. Sam told his dog he would get her water soon. Beth, being an alpha herself, took matters into her own hands and went to tell one of the volunteers to get Sam's dog some water. The volunteer brought a water bowl to the front of the room, but not being an alpha, she quietly put it in the far left corner near where we were sitting and away from Sam – it was also away from Ettra. If Sam saw this, he didn't acknowledge it or, as is most likely the case, he was aware and let it just play out. Ettra never took her eyes off that water bowl. She went about 3 feet away from Sam and then paced back and forth staying within an invisible boundary around him that she apparently would not cross as she kept her eyes on the bowl. It took Beth about 30 seconds to get up and get it and put it down within the boundary Ettra would not cross. Ettra immediately emptied the bowl. I was amazed. What control without a word from Sam. She wanted the water, she wasn't leaving Sam. Her problem got solved but Ettra did not break the rules to get the water.

All I know about Sam and his methods at this point is what I saw during the weekend and what I've learned from our telephone conversation. What I am certain about is that the man knows the GSD breed (and all breeds) and proved it with his relationship with his own dog. I'm impressed. I'm clear and have been for a long time that being an alpha to your dog, or being dominant, or asserting leadership, or being respected by one's dog, however you choose to describe it, is an essential key to a successful relationship and the associated dependable behavior and performance that results from it.

Another reason for the success of this seminar is Sam's assistant and friend, Jason Foucault. He studied with Sam for 6 years and has been a successful trainer in his own right since 1996. He and Jason continue to do occasional projects together, and the seminar was the first public teaching appearance since 1994. Sam said the seminar would not have been as successful without Jason's help because he allowed greater and stronger demonstrations that would not have been possible without him. And, I was certainly impressed at the availability of both Sam and Jason to answer questions right through lunch and breaks. Just when Jason was trying to get to his lunch, I had a quick question about my Mal, Zeus, and his dog aggression and Jason didn't hesitate to stop to answer my question He really helped me put the whole issue into perspective. They made quite a team.

Leadership is what he advocates. I'm also clear that even though my Kyra has 35 titles and certifications, most of our success has been on her terms. When she wants to, she does! When she doesn't want to, she doesn't. I adore her, I spoiled her, I clicked and treated her, and I hate correcting her. As intelligent and as talented as she is, we could have earned many more titles and gone into depth with them if I had the relationship with her that Sam has with his dog. But, more than titles and performance, I would have the bond with her that I've only dreamed of having. This is why I'm interested in learning more about Sam Malatesta's methods and why I'm arranging for him to return to Michigan for a one-day seminar with our white dogs. It is never enough to just know there is a problem; you have to have a method and the understanding to solve it. This is why I'm excited. I have this intuitive feeling that Sam has the answers I've been looking for and is presenting the elusive missing pieces in a way that makes sense to me and may make sense to you.

I'm in awe of his ability to read both the dog and the human in the relationship. I watched him take dog after dog and quickly get compliance, as the dog had no doubt who was in charge. He didn't use food. He didn't have a clicker. He didn't pat the dog and praise the dog for everything it did, but he was quietly in charge and the dog knew it.

Sam does recommend a set of training tools. He uses red collars that are a 5/8” wide Cotton Web Training Lead and a Check Choke Collar -- about 3 inches of this collar is a chain, like a choke chain. He sold these two pieces of equipment and his video, A Puppy for Life for $39.95. I bought it but since he couldn't bring them over the border from Canada, I have to wait to receive it by mail.

Sam told me in our telephone conversation that if people established leadership with their dogs, there wouldn't be a need for correction. He had to correct some dogs in some situations during the seminar, but they were on buckle collars and the situations were dog-to-dog aggression or dog to people aggression and the corrections were necessary in these circumstances with the amount of time that was available for each demonstration.

Sam says one of the greatest gifts we can give our dogs is to not have to leash them. He asked the participants how many people could say their dog had that freedom. I don't recall a lot of hands going up, if any. I believe that there is not one of us who own a magnificent White Shepherd who hasn't dreamed of having a dog they could have reliably off lead no matter where they were. I'm not saying, however, that Sam is telling people to take their dogs off leash, he is not, but he is saying that our dogs should be well trained enough to allow this. There are so many questions I have for Sam since the German Shepherd Dog is his breed!

I know three of our WS people who pretty consistently allowed their dog off lead with a reliable response. The first is Maurice Seeger with his beloved Q. This dog was under control whenever I saw him. The other dog is Mark Echterling's Shadow. I attended Dog Scout Camp with Mark and Shadow and she would lie at Mark's feet during lectures, and follow him from place to place in the building and around the campsite. She even behaved herself when Kyra rudely intruded into her space. The third person, and an extraordinary trainer in my view, is Debbie Martin with her dogs, Day and Lilly. And, in this instance all I can report is what I saw with my own eyes at one dog show in Indiana. Debbie was there with Day and either Q or Lilly and she didn't have a crate. The dogs were told to stay on a mat and stay they did. I want this experience with Kyra.

Sam seems to be first and foremost a problem solver. He worked with dog-to-dog aggression and pinpointed which dog was the instigator and which owner intensified the problem and even how they did it. He worked with dog to people aggression. He worked with big Golden mix who was a cat killer. Before the demonstration was over, the cat was sitting on the dog's head – being held by one of the trainers, of course. Sam in no way said the dog was cured, he was simply showing the steps to correcting the problem in a shortened version"

Judy Huston
United White German Shepherd Club

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