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Personalized Dog Training Services for You & Your Pet

Our dog training classes and seminars help you strengthen your bond with your dog or puppy, improve communication, establish general obedience, and address problematic behaviours such as:

  • Excessive barking and destructiveness
  • Aggression
  • Separation anxiety
  • and more...
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Transforming Canine Behaviour with proven training methods for Over 30 Years

Our training programs have helped countless dogs feel secure, find their confidence, and develop respect for their human family members and their canine peers, so that they can live as freely as possible. We've seen many dogs that exhibit problematic behaviors such as aggression and destructiveness learn to modify their behavior and reach their full potential with the help of our training programs.

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"I’m now able to get the desired behavior out of my dog, without prong collars, yelling, pushing, commands or any other bullying control technique I thought was necessary in the past. Much of the time I don’t even have to say a word. My dog and I finally understand each other!"
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We offer training year-round at our 50 acre facility in Beeton, Ontario. For an additional fee, when scheduling permits, we can also travel to you.


Dear fellow dog enthusiasts,

Understanding dogs (not just their behavior) has been my life’s work for over 30 years. Every dog has the potential to live totally free. Freedom of Life for a dog means the following:

  1. To enjoy life to its fullest without fear, anxiety, or impatience.

  2. To enjoy the outdoors without fences or tie-outs.
  3. To stay close and attentive to the master without being commanded, regardless of stimuli.
  4. To play with other dogs and not fight or bully and return to the master’s side immediately should danger arise. 

  5. To be trustworthy and secure with children.
  6. To enjoy the freedom life has to offer with ultimate courage, respect and trust based upon a true bond resulting from mental and emotional connection.
  7. To trust the master unconditionally with his or her judgment and be happy in the master's presence – even when faced with the final moments of life – without fear.

We are truly responsible for the behavior our dogs display. Let's hope that no more dogs face being surrendered to a shelter, given away or otherwise disposed of due to our own misgivings.

I encourage you to browse my site! If you have any questions about your dog and how my program can work for you, feel free to contact me.


Sam Malatesta

Sam Malatesta

Meet Your Trainer

Sam Malatesta is an internationally known professional dog trainer and behaviourist. He has been training individual dog owners and rescue and shelter organizations on all aspects of canine rearing, training and socialization for over 30 years.
He specializes in the rehabilitation of problem dog behaviours (eg. aggression), obedience and training, dog selection, preparation for Schutzhund, protection, and other dog sports. He is also a certified breeder of purebred German Shepherd Dogs.
He is based in Beeton, Ontario and has traveled and taught training seminars throughout North America.

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